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Sean of Wise Men began pursuing his car audio dream in 1995 while working at Startech. From the early years of the introduction of this sport in T&T, Sean had a passion for music. He was exposed at a tender age to the music industry through his father who was a member of a band. “When I first got involved with car audio competitions, I was one of the first local installers to bring down the original Hifonics Zeus amplifier in the country, I also repaired electronics and found car shows very exciting, I trained with companies like Jensen, Hifonics and Phase Linear, I also got a lot of exposure from the company I was working with so we decided to open up an install shop”, Sean explained, “Me and 3 other guys (Ozzi, Mark and Cupid) wanted a name for the shop to stand out. Mark walked in with a pencil drawing of an image with a halo and we thought of the 3 wise men that came to give baby Jesus gifts… …WISE MEN we agreed … and WISE MEN it was!”.

Their first official project was Dave Singh’s RX-7 in 1995 which consisted of 2 18” Kickers, 4 infinite 6.5, 2 10” Mids, 4 bullet tweeters, a Lanzar 1000d for bass and 3 LA Sound amplifiers, This install was done within the same era as car show legends such as Bunny, Fresh Prince 626, Saddam 25 seater maxi and Mattress’ Renegade, and proved itself to be a worthy competitor.

Since then, Team Wise men have maintained consistency with their competition systems and have several well known competitors such as Nandi’s White Almera Showstopper ( 2 15” category) , Dutty Wine ( 2 12” Red Kia ), Rolly’s Mazda B2500 ( 2 12” category ) A Mazda 323 in 2 10” category , a Mazda 323 with 3 12” , little giant ( 6 12” DD open class) , and Sponge Bob in EXTREME SPL.

“We at Team Wise Men are very passionate about our ground breaking installs, we try to be innovative and aim to perfect the car audio art form” he added. Sean then shared with us his brands of preference when doing installs “I have no specific preference in recent brands; but in the late 90’s I liked using the old Hifonics, Precision Power, Strokers, and Rockford Fosgate because of performance, durability and specs of the products”.

Curious as to which shows are Sean’s favourite, he shared with the MKTE crew that he enjoyed Zacx shows because of their high quality. “Plenty promoter’s shows these days lack quality as Zacx’s shows” he added. “As for clashes, I would like to see Mattress’ 4 18” Kicker system vs. Predator’s 10 15” Treo…Ole school vs new”. In shows I think some things should be changed such as audio must be mobile (everything inside), music with less profanity should be played and also wider variety of music other than dub and rap alone, A more balanced term of judging, competitors getting cash prizes, and also the top vehicles should get invitations to the promoter’s show as these cars are the ones that patrons come from all over the island to see”.

Sean also shared with us his plans for the future, “I can promise you that there will be more innovation and we will be taking car audio to a higher level, we also want to set up a school to teach younger ones who wish to become installers; the basic car audio fundamentals and get certified with a formal and accepted format such as MECP”.

In wrapping up our interview with Team Wise Men, Sean left with us these closing words…

“I believe in god strongly, God is responsible for all the talent and success that you and I possess. Always give thanks and acknowledge God because you don’t do things by yourself, you do it through God!”

“To the young installers; believe in yourself and sooner or later, people will believe in you. Veteran installers; put your best foot forward and always be ambitious and creative, don’t be scared to do new things, mistakes are made to learn better”

“Also want to big up the installers who are in the game long and haven’t gotten the exposure they deserve as yet like Party Animal and Aneel from Audio Xpertz. Big up to the “Big Boys” who help set the standard for all others out there such as Ballz (12 volts) Lal, Harry (Sound Extreme), Kevin Cornwall (Mattress’ installer), RRR for initiating the use of pro audio speakers in car audio applications (Richard, Randolph and Regan), Smallz, Shazad Rahaman, Kyle and the great deceased Jan who pushed SPL to a higher Capacity!”


Written by Sly

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